Reduce your lifetime typo count.

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  • Upload and Type Any Code
  • Typo Heatmap
  • Touch Typing Fingering Guide
  • Track Typing Progress
  • Typing Lessons in 16 Languages
  • Realistic Key Processing Engine
  • Typo Cost Analysis
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Scissor Switch Plan

  • Typing Lessons in 16 Languages
  • Realistic Key Processing Engine
  • Typo Cost Analysis

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Upload and Type Any Code

Explore a starred project on Github, dig into a favorite api, or get a feel for company coding standards.

The custom lesson creator supports the following languages:

Typo Heatmap

See which areas of the keyboard attract the most typos. Drill down into keys and fingers for usage and error counts.

Supports Qwerty, Colemak, and Dvorak layouts.

Touch Typing Fingering Guide

Most typing tutors leave symbol keys as an after­thought, and consequently keys like left paren are consistently mistyped. IDEs auto­complete alphabetical variable names but abandon at the first opening brace. With helpful guides, learn or reinforce proper fingerings for hard-to-reach symbols in code.

Qwerty, Colemak, and Dvorak supported

Track Typing Progress

Monitor trends in your typing like increases in WPM and decreases in unproductive keys. Find and eliminate plateaus preventing improvement. Includes statistics on all typing lessons completed since you first logged in.

Typing Lessons in 16 Languages

Train your muscle memory by typing the common keys in your favorite language, or untrain bad habits by typing new idioms in an unfamiliar language. Along the way, tour popular open source projects instead of the usual typing drills.

Realistic Key Processing Engine

Most typing tutors do not require correcting typos, resulting in artificially low error rates and high speeds. prevents typing more than a few characters past an error, when typos are normally noticed, backspaced, and corrected.

Typo Cost Analysis calculates the total cost of typos, including characters typed after an error that now must be backspaced or arrowed over. These collateral keystrokes often slow typing more than the typo itself, and most typing lessons ignore their costs. helps analyze and eliminate these barriers to faster typing.

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